How Do I Forward a Text Message to My Email Account?

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Most cell phones on the market give you the ability to send and receive text messages. You may not be aware, however, that you can also send email messages from your cell phone. Forwarding a text message to email is not all that different from sending a regular text message.


Step 1

Turn your cell phone on and navigate to the main menu screen.

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Step 2

Navigate to your "Messaging" or "Text Messaging" area and locate your "Inbox."

Step 3

Highlight the text message you want to forward. Press the "Options" key and select "Forward."


Step 4

An empty address bar will open. Type in the email address you want to forward the text message to. When the time comes to enter the "@" key, you may need to press the "Entry Mode" key on the phone and select "Symbols." From there, you can choose "@." If you have a keyboard on your phone, you can press "@" as you would on a computer keyboard ("shift + 2" on the phone).

Step 5

Press "OK" twice to save the email address and forward the text message.


The steps may vary slightly (i.e. different names for buttons) based upon which cell phone you own and use. Depending on the settings of your cell phone and email account, you may not be able to forward multimedia messages (pictures, audio, etc.) from your cell phone to your email account.


Depending on your cell phone contract, forwarding text messages to your email account could add additional charges to your monthly bill. Contact your provider for more information regarding these potential charges.