How do I Remove a Laptop Battery With a Jammed Battery Latch?

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Opening a jammed battery latch may save you a trip to the repair shop.

Laptop batteries are designed to provide extended power for your mobile devices when you are unable to connect to a power source. A jammed battery latch may prevent you from removing a dead power cell and replacing it with a fresh one, leaving your laptop dependent on an AC adapter for use. Always treat a jammed battery latch gingerly to avoid causing any more damage to your computer, especially around a highly sensitive area like the battery hatch.


Step 1

Disconnect the laptop from the power source and unplug any charging cables connected to your computer. Wedge the head of the screwdriver against the battery release latch by pushing down on the handle.

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Step 2

Pry the battery latch open carefully using the screwdriver for leverage. Gently slip the screwdriver between the battery cover and the computer housing. Place your hand underneath the screwdriver's shaft and push down on the handle. Avoid snapping any parts as this may void your laptop's warranty.


Step 3

Remove the bottom casing of the laptop surrounding the battery housing using the small screwdriver. Try to open it just enough to shimmy the battery latch open or pop the battery out. Take the laptop to a certified computer repair shop if you are unable to remove the battery without taking the entire bottom casing off, as this could seriously harm your computer if done improperly.





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