How Do I Set Road Runner As My Home Page?

By setting the Time Warner main page as your browser's home page, you have immediate access to your account management and technical support interfaces every time you start up your browser. Formerly Road Runner, the Time Warner page also offers news, entertainment updates and weather reports for your area, among other information. How you set Time Warner as your home page depends primarily on which browser you're using, although the process is similar across platforms.


When you first visit the Time Warner website, choose which ISP network you're using: Bright House or Time Warner.

Internet Explorer

If you're adding multiple pages/tabs to open on startup, put each URL on a separate line in the text field.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft.
  1. Click the gear-shaped Tools button or press Alt-X.
  2. Select Internet Options, followed by the General tab.
  3. Click Use Current if you're on the Time Warner page to add it to the list, or type into the Home Page field.


Alternatively, go to the Time Warner page and right-click the Home button. Select Add or Change Home Page, and then select the Use this webpage as your only home page or Add this webpage to your home page tabs radio buttons and click Yes.


To add multiple pages as home pages in Firefox, open them as tabs ahead of time and then click Use Current Pages.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Mozilla.
  1. Click the Open Menu button, an icon with three horizontal lines.
  2. Click Options, then click the General tab.
  3. Select Use Current Page if you have the Time Warner page open in a tab. Otherwise, select Use Bookmark to select Time Warner from your bookmarks or type in the Home Page text field.
  4. Click OK when finished to save the home page.


Alternatively, drag and drop the Time Warner tab onto the Home button to set your home page.


Chrome uses separate fields for each additional page/tab opened on startup.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Google.
  1. Click the Chrome Menu button. It's shaped like three horizontal lines.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Open a specific page or set of pages radio button from the On startup heading, then click Set pages.
  4. Click Use current pages if the Time Warner site is the only tab you have open, or type in the Add a new page text field.
  5. Click OK when finished to save the page as your home page.


You can also access the Chrome settings menu by opening a new tab and typing chrome://settings in the address bar.