How to Set Your Home Page in Opera

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Setting your home page in Opera is one of many steps towards customizing it to fit your needs. While the process is fairly simple, the interface for Opera is a bit different from Internet Explorer, making it a little trickier to find the option. Opera also lacks a home button by default, requiring you to add one to your toolbars in order to quickly return to the home page at any time.


Setting Your Home Page

To set your Opera home page, click "Opera" followed by "Preferences" and "General." By entering the desired URL in the "Home Page" text field, Opera will always open that page on start-up. You can also set the current page as home by selecting the "Use Current" option.


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Adding a Home Button

To add a home button, right-click the address bar or any toolbar in the Opera interface, and select "Customize." The "Appearance" toolbar has a number of features to add to Opera, including the "Buttons" tab which contains several shortcut buttons you can use to add different features. For later ease of access, you can drag the Home button to the toolbar you're editing, highlighted by a yellow border.





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