How to Make Comcast Your Home Page

Comcast offers a variety of services through its website To quickly access these services, make Comcast your home page.

In Internet Explorer

In Windows 8.1

If using a mouse, move the cursor to the lower right-hand corner of the Internet Explorer window and click on the Settings option. If using a touchscreen, swipe-in from the right edge of the screen and tap Settings. Select Options and then Customize under the Home pages section. Click Add and type "" into the Page address field. Click Add again to confirm the new home page.

Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

In Windows 7

Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Internet Explorer window. Select Internet options, and in the General tab, type "" into the Home page field. Click OK or Apply to confirm the new home page.

Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft


If you have the Comcast website open, click the Use current button in the Home page options to set Comcast as a new home page.

In Safari

Credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Click Safari in the menu bar and select Preferences. Under the General tab in the toolbar, click on the Homepage field and enter "" Close out of the Safari Preferences window to save changes and confirm Comcast as the new Safari home page.


While on, clicking the Set to Current Page option in Safari Preferences assigns Comcast as the new home page.

In Mozilla Firefox

Credit: Image courtesy of Mozilla

Navigate to "about:preferences" in the Firefox address bar. In the Startup section, select Show my home page in the When Firefox starts drop-down menu. Enter "" in the Home page field and close out of the Firefox preferences tab to confirm the new home page.

In Google Chrome

Credit: Image courtesy of Google

Navigate to "chrome://settings" in the Chrome address bar. Under the On startup section, click the Set pages link. In the Startup pages dialogue box, enter "" in the Add a new page field. Click OK to confirm the new home page.


Click the Use current pages button to set any open tabs in Chrome as home pages.