How Does a Wireless Modem Work?

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How Does a Wireless Modem Work?

Wireless Modems

Computer Home Network Setup

Wireless modems connect to a wireless network instead of a telephone system. Wireless modems are directly connected to a consumer's wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) via satellite means for the purpose of gaining access to the Internet. A wireless network is accomplished and powered via a device called a wireless router. The modem receives and transmits the signal to permit access to the Internet. The router is used for the purpose of splitting the signal to share the signal with two or more computers or other computer hardware and peripherals that are in the home or vicinity creating a network. The computers do not even have to be on the same floor just within a certain range. Such wireless networks are also installed in places like international airports. The wireless signal can be picked up by other computer systems with wireless capabilities enabling the consumer to surf the Internet with ease. Today, many modems are sold as modems and routers within one unit requiring only one device unit to establish a network system setup.


Types of Modem Routers and How They Work

Linksys Modem

There are several types of wireless routers. The Belkin router and the Linksys Wireless-G broadband router work very much the same. These two routers assist in the connection of wired Ethernet devices that are connected to the network allowing all devices to link to a high-speed Internet connection. Aside from the Belkin, the Linksys Wireless-B Broadband router is another very popular router. The router works as a splitter for an Internet connection when the Internet connection is also connected to the router. All computers located in the house or office setting, whether they are desktops or laptops, are able to utilize the Internet connection at the same time. The wireless router is the technology that is responsible for enabling the Internet to exist. The router device views all of the messages sent by the computers and all computer systems on the network are able to connect and even share information with one another.


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Benefits of a Wireless Modem

Belkin modem

With a wireless modem the Internet connection is always on and it supplies a very fast Internet connection. The wireless modem also offers a secure network along with the flexibility and convenience of a wireless Internet connection. Subscribers are able to surf the Internet at higher speeds up to 100 times more rapidly than the traditional analog modem. Wireless modems allows subscribers to be able to move about in their homes or offices with their laptops and not be tied to a Desktop computer only. A subscriber can even take his or her laptop into the backyard, as far as up to about 1300 feet, and surf the Internet while enjoying the outdoors. Laptop owners, with wireless capability, are also able to tap into a wireless setup at locations such as hotels and coffee shops.