How to Add a Line to Windows Host Files

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The Windows host file is a text file used on Windows platforms for DNS purposes; the file is used to translate host-names to IP addresses. The host file is in your system root's system32/drivers/etc folder. You can edit the file using notepad. Many virus writers also create viruses that can get into your system and edit the file to prevent a user from downloading security programs from the Internet to remove their viruses.


Step 1

Go to "Start" and type "%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc" and hit "Enter." This will open the "etc" folder with a group of listed files.

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Step 2

Double-click on the "Host" file. This action should prompt you to pick an application with which to open the file.


Step 3

Choose to open the file with "Notepad" and click "OK." This will open the content of the file in Notepad.

Step 4

Look for the " localhost." Position your cursor at the end of this line and press "Enter."



Step 5

Enter your new line. An example would be: ""

Step 6

Once you have added your line. Go to "File" and "Save" the file.

Step 7

Close Notepad.

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