How To Change the Default Page on Apache Tomcat

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Apache is a website hosting solution mostly used on Linux platforms. Apache also has Windows compatibility, and it's used on some Microsoft servers. Apache Tomcat has one file that is used to configure its settings. This file is httpd.conf, and it is used to set the default web page.


Step 1

Double-click the "My Computer" icon and navigate to the installation directory of Apache. In the "conf" directory, double-click the "httpd.conf" file.

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Step 2

Open httpd.conf with Notepad. Scroll down to the following line in the configuration file. DirectoryIndex index.html index.jsp index.php

Step 3

Change the DirectoryIndex line with the custom page. Below is an example of how the file should be configured for a custom default page. DirectoryIndex myCustomPage.php index.html index.jsp index.php