How to Add Additional Receivers to a DirecTV Satellite

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DirecTV handles multiple television service a bit differently than a standard cable service. You can't simple run a splitter from the box outside to your television. You need more equipment. To begin with, you will need another receiver box for each television that you want to add to. You will also need a multiswitch for your satellite dish, which you can order with your extra receiver boxes. Typically, you will count how many receivers you have or will be getting and count that as one output. A DVR receiver box counts as two outputs. Multiswitches vary depending on how many outputs you need. Read on for instructions on installing the multiswitch so you can have access to additional receivers.


Step 1

Choose a location for your multiswitch. It needs to be in an area where you can gain easy access to it if you have to, and in a spot that doesn't require you to run a large length of cables all over your house.

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Step 2

Attach your plastic cable protector box, available at any hardware store with all of the other items on your list, using the screwdriver or drill and screws. Most boxes will have predrilled holes in the plastic for you to use as a guide to position and attach it securely.


Step 3

Attach the multiswitch inside the plastic cable protector box using the drill and screws.

Step 4

Cut two pieces of coaxial cable wire that are long enough to run from your satellite through the top hole in the plastic box to the multiswitch.

Step 5

Strip the coaxial cable ends to expose the wire inside. Slide a connector on each of the four ends, crimping them tightly around the conjoining parts with the pliers.


Step 6

Connect two ends of the coaxial cable to the two feed ports on the satellite dish. Some simply plug in, while others are threaded and need to be twisted on.

Step 7

Connect the other two ends of the coaxial cables to the output ports on the multiswitch. Make sure they are twisted on securely.

Step 8

Repeat the cutting and stripping of the coaxial cable for each receiver that you need to add. The lengths will differ based on the distance of the multiswitch to the receiver.


Step 9

Attach your coaxial cables to the input port on the back of each one of the receivers that you have. Attach the cables that are included with your receivers to each receiver's output port and then to the television's cable jack. Plug in your box.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cable wire

  • Cable wire connectors

  • Pliers

  • Screws

  • Wire cutter/stripper tool

  • Drill

  • Plastic cable protector box