How to Align Text in a Microsoft Word Table

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How to Align Text in a Microsoft Word Table. With Microsoft Word, you can create an numerous tables that look different from each other. When you start entering text into a table or convert text to a table, Word will automatically align the text to the upper left portion of the cell. Using these few steps, you can align the text just how you want it.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word with a new blank document.

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Step 2

Create a table by selecting the "Table" menu. Select "Insert," and then "Table..."

Step 3

Select the options you want applied to your table in the "Insert Table" dialog box. Click "OK" to create your table.


Step 4

Input your text into the table. When you input the text it will align in the upper left part of the cell.

Step 5

Click with your mouse to put your cursor in the table cell that contains any text for which you want to change the alignment. If there are multiple cells to change, select those cells with your mouse.



Step 6

Bring up your "Tables and Borders" toolbar. Select "View," "Toolbars" and then "Tables and Borders."

Step 7

Select the small arrow to the right of the "Align" button and choose the alignment you would like for the text. You can align the text on the left, center or right of the top, center or bottom of the cell.


You can also change the alignment of text in a table by selecting the cell, right-clicking and changing the cell alignment from the menu.



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