How to Alt-Tab on TeamViewer

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TeamViewer offers a simple, secure way to connect to a remote computer. Over this connection, a remote user can interact with a system as if using it locally to set up programs, change system settings or solve errors. In addition to accessing the machine's regular functions, a remote user can also transfer files in or out of the system. While most functions work seamlessly, some key combinations, such as pressing "Alt+Tab" to change windows, require setting an option to redirect the key press from the local machine to the remote window.


Step 1

Open TeamViewer and enter the remote computer's Partner ID. Click "Connect to Partner."

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Step 2

Type in the connection password and press "Log On." Alternatively for registered members, select a saved connection from your "My Computers" list.


Step 3

Open the "Actions" menu on the TeamViewer toolbar and click "Send key combinations."

Step 4

Press "Alt+Tab" to cycle between windows on the remote machine. To return the "Alt+Tab" command to your local computer, reopen the "Actions" menu and uncheck "Send key combinations." You can also use the "Scroll Lock" key to enable and disable this setting.



Tips & Warnings

  • You can only set the "Send key combinations" option from within an open TeamViewer connection. The option does not remain selected between sessions, so you will have to pick it each time you make a new connection.
  • This same setting also provides support for other keyboard shortcuts, such as "Alt+F" to open the File menu. The only shortcut it does not allow is "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to open the Windows Task Manager. To send this command, select the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" option in the "Actions" menu.



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