How to Share a Folder with a Remote Desktop

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Share a folder with a remote desktop by configuring local resource sharing.

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows users to connect to and use another computer over the Internet. If you are connecting to a remote system and wish to transfer files to it, you can do this by setting appropriate configuration options prior to initiating the connection. Microsoft refers to this as "redirecting resources". You can share the hard drive and printer between the local and remote systems, among other things.


Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button.

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Step 2

Type "mstsc" (without quotes) in the "Run" box and press "Enter". This opens Remote Desktop. You can also type "Remote Desktop" in the box and wait for the search to display the "Remote Desktop Connection" option, but this generally takes longer.


Step 3

Type the IP address or name of the remote computer in the "Computer" box.

Step 4

Click the button that says "Options ".

Step 5

Click the tab at the top that says "Local Resources".



Step 6

Select the devices you wish to share access with by placing check-mark in the appropriate boxes. You can share content from the clipboard (when you cut and paste), hard drives, CD or DVD drives and printers.

Step 7

Configure any other options you wish to use and click "Connect" to connect to the remote computer.

Step 8

To access the drives, use "My Computer" or Windows Explorer on the remote system.



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