How to Apply Format Changes to All Tabs in an Excel Spreadsheet

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Microsoft Excel has a feature that allows you to make changes to multiple sheets within a workbook simultaneously. This feature is useful for filling in or creating a form in Excel, or quickly ensuring that formatting is consistent throughout the workbook.


Step 1

Right-click on the tab of any of the sheets within the workbook you intend to change.

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Step 2

Click "Select All Sheets." You can confirm that the sheets are selected as a group because "Group" will appear in the title bar at the top of the worksheet. Additionally, the color of the tabs of the sheets that are selected will be different than the sheets that are not selected.


Step 3

Make changes to the format on the active sheet. For example, if you want to have bold text throughout all of the sheets, once you have selected all of the sheets, select all of the cells on one sheet and hold down Ctrl + B, or alternatively select "Bold" from the Format menu. When the sheets are grouped together, any changes you make to one sheet will be mirrored in all of the other sheets.



Step 4

Right-click on any one of the sheets that are already selected and select "Ungroup Sheets" when you are finished with your changes. This ensures that you do not continue to make changes to the workbook when you do not intend to.



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