How to Attach Files to Twitter

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Social "micro blog" Twitter limits the messages, or "tweets," you send out to your followers on the site to 140 characters in length, forcing you to be concise when you make posts using the service. Nonetheless, several means exist to help you overcome any creative constriction this limit makes you feel. Namely, link your Twitter followers to external photos, videos, websites or other contents to aid you in illustrating the point of your tweet.


Step 1

Upload your file to the Internet if you haven't already. Use a free service such as "MediaFire" or "MegaUpload" if you don't own your own Web space. Click the "Browse" button, search your hard drive for the file you want to upload, click "Open" and then wait until the service informs you the upload has finished. Right-click the resulting URL, and then click "Copy" to copy the address to your clipboard.


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Step 2

Shorten your URL if it takes up a large number of characters. Among popular options are "" and "TinyURL." Paste your URL into the field on the site of your choice and click "Shorten." Click the "Copy" button to copy the shortened URL to your computer's clipboard.


Step 3

Input your Twitter user name and password and click "Sign In." Click your mouse inside the main "Tweet" field, and then hold down "Ctrl" + "V" to paste your shortened link.


Step 4

Input the remainder of your message. Click the "Tweet" button to share your tweet -- as well as the file to which you link -- with your Twitter network.



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