How to Attend a Webinar

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A webinar is used for interactive and virtual seminars, conferences, meetings, training sessions and new employee orientations. A webinar is conducted by utilizing an on-line software platform that enables viewers to participate via a pc or laptop. Webinars are becoming more popular due to the convenience that they offer employers; since more employers are hiring remote workers, a webinar allows the employer to train multiple agents at once.


How to Attend a Webinar

Step 1

Check your computer to make sure it meets the system administration requirements.

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Step 2

Enter the given password and login in order to access the webinar. The host or moderator conducting the presentation will send out passwords and logins prior to the meeting, this information will include the time and date of the presentation. Many hosts of webinars will require logging in at least 10 minutes to the actual presentation time; this is done to ensure that errors are corrected before the presentation begins.


Step 3

Download the software and restart your pc or laptop if necessary. Once the software is properly downloaded, run a practice test to confirm that the software accesses the webinar with the password and login given to attend the webinar.

Step 4

Dial the number you were given to access the webinar, this allows you to listen to the host of the webinar during the presentation. If you do not have a phone line available you will be required to utilize VoIP,( Voice- over- Internet protocol), which is used with headsets that plug into your pc or laptop allowing you to listen and speak through a digital transmission within your computer. Cell phones will not be allowed as they are unprofessional due to the possibility of static or battery absorption. Use either a phone line or a VoIP, your moderator or host of the webinar will emphasize the need for one of the two listening and speaking modes.


Step 5

Join the presentation. You will be able to view on the right side of the screen, the time, a white-board, ask question, raise hand, send private message, and other icon tools needed to participate in the webinar, you may also notice the moderator or host changing slides and drawing on the white board. You will dial in with your phone or VoIP to the number given and be asked to give your name, the system will repeat your name and state your name or announce caller number 5 has entered the call, this will be heard by the other participants and the host to let them know the names or number of participants attending the webinar.

Things You'll Need

  • PC or Laptop

  • A Password

  • Downloaded Files

  • Phone or VoIP

  • To attend the webinar


Always for the instructions given by the webinar host. Always be organized during the webinar. Always sign in at least 5 to 10 minutes early. Check your pc and laptop for proper requirements. Be prepared to answer questions during a webinar.


Avoid any background noises during a webinar presentation.