How to Block Recording Devices

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Technology can be a benefit and a burden. While it can make our lives easier in some ways in other ways it can infringe on our privacy. Spy cameras and recording devices seem to have become simplified and ubiquitous so that even the most technophobic person can use them. Technology also offers a solution, so if you are worried that someone is spying on you, there is a way to block recording devices.

Step 1

Purchase a white noise generator. These are small portable machines that create background noise, which makes it difficult for would-be eavesdroppers to hear anything. They used to be available only to law enforcement agencies and spies, but today you can buy one at Ebay, Amazon or any spy and gadget site.

Step 2

Create a safe perimeter for speaking. You will need to choose a particular part of your home or office where you would like to be able to speak without the threat of being eavesdropped on. How big an area it is will depend largely on the type of machine that you've bought and, in some cases, you may need more than one machine to ensure security.

Step 3

Mount the device onto a wall or other smooth surface like a window. You will want to place them about waist to shoulder high to protect against listening devices that filter out acoustic leakage such as contact mics, or high-tech listening lasers. Installation is simply a matter of attaching the suction cups that come with the device. If they will not attach to the wall, you may have to use mounting screws. After you turn the device on, the only sound the listener will hear is the noise created by the machine.

Step 4

Test the area. Ensure that there is no leakage by trying to use a listening device of your own if you have one. If you don't, then you can simply have someone press their ear against the wall or window to try to hear the conversation.