How to Boot a Compaq Presario in Safe Mode

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Introduction Windows Screen

If you don't know how to boot a Compaq Presario in safe mode, realize there are two ways to do so. Both are relatively easy. Safe mode is usually necessary to troubleshoot issues with your computer hardware of if you suspect a virus has taken over your computer.


Step 1

If you need safe mode to troubleshoot drastic issues with your computer hardware, continue reading this section. For minimal troubleshooting of basic operating-system issues, you can boot from Windows (see Section 2)..

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Step 2

Shut down your computer. If you can, click "Start", then "Shutdown." Sometimes, that isn't possible because the computer freezes or a program crashes. In that case. press and hold the power button until your computer turns off completely (that can take several seconds).


Step 3

Wait 10 to 20 seconds, then push the power button so the computer begins to power up.

Step 4

As soon as the first screen appears, press F8 over and over again until a menu appears. Compaq computer use F8 to boot into safe mode.


Step 5

Use the cursor directional keys to select "safe mode" and press "enter." The computer will boot again and the screen will have low resolution with the phrase "Safe Mode" in the corners.

Step 6

Click on "Start", then "Run". In the empty box, type "msconfig" and hit "OK"


Step 7

After a window pops up, select the tab that says "BOOT.INI".

Step 8

Look at the bottom of the tab and find the "SAFEBOOT" option. Check the box and the click "Minimal".


Step 9

Click "restart" and the computer will go through the procedures for rebooting in Safe Mode.

Step 10

When you are done with Safe Mode, you will need to repeat the steps in Section 2. Instead, you will uncheck the "Safeboot" box to return the computer's settings for a normal boot.


When booting into Safe Mode the F8 method, do not hold down the F8 key. You must tap it repeatedly.


Do not use Safe Mode for normal operations. Safe Mode is for troubleshooting and running essential software to solve issues and complications.