How to Reboot an Acer Laptop Without a CD

By Greyson Ferguson

Acer is an computer company that produces a wide range of inexpensive, Windows-based laptop and netbook devices. Many of these computer systems do not have a CD drive installed, so if you are looking to reboot your computer it is impossible to boot from a disc. Due to this, you must reboot the computer through other means.

Step 1

Shut down your computer.

Step 2

Power on the computer after a few minutes. Once the computer Acer laptop begins to power on press "F8" until the boot-up screen appears.

Step 3

Press the directional arrow keys to select your start-up option. These options vary from "Standard Boot," "Boot in Safe Mode" and "Boot from "CD." Because there is no disc present you may not boot from the CD; however, you may reboot your computer to a standard method or Safe Mode. Safe Mode only runs the minimum required hardware to keep the computer on and it is helpful when attempting to remove files that are lock-protected or not deleting from the hard drive.

Step 4

Push "Enter" after you have selected the reboot format. The computer begins to boot in the method you selected. To return to the standard mode---if you booted up in Safe Mode---shut down the computer, then restart it without pressing "F8."

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