How to Boot From a CD Through Command Prompt DOS

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Although outdated when compared to operating systems utilizing graphical interfaces, DOS is still functional enough to perform all required computing tasks, including booting programs from a CD. Although you will have to know which file on the CD is the bootable file in order to execute the appropriate command-line argument, this is not an issue since bootable files typically end in the "EXE" file extension.


Step 1

Insert the CD into the computer.

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Step 2

Click "Start" and select "Run."

Step 3

Type in "cmd" and press "Enter."


Step 4

Type in "x:" and press "Enter," replacing "x" with the drive letter of the CD drive.


Step 5

Type in "dir" and press "Enter" to view the files on the CD.


Step 6

Type in the name of the file from which you wish to boot and press Enter. For example, if you wish to boot from the "setup.exe" file, you would simply type in "setup.exe" and press "Enter."




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