How to Enable a Medion Recovery and Restore System CD

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Medion computers come with a split partition in the event of operating system problems or failure. This split partition contains a recovery and restore system partition, which serves in place of a recovery disc. Recover your operating system simply by restarting your computer and entering recovery mode during boot up.


Step 1

Restart your computer and press "F11" as you do so to enter recovery mode.

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Step 2

Wait a few minutes for Windows to load the files.

Step 3

Select "English" from the language menu and click "Next." Click "Restore to HDD" either with "no backup of user data" to erase all content or with "backed-up user data" to restore your configurations. Click "Next."



Step 4

Click "Next" throughout the following screens to confirm the options.

Step 5

Click "Restart" when prompted to finish the recovery process.

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