How to Boot a Dell Precision Workstation From a USB

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Booting your Dell Workstation from a USB device will allow you to enter into a non-native operating system (such as DOS). This will enable you to troubleshoot the settings of your operating system, along with performing repair operations such as reinstalls of the operating system that would not be possible from within the operating system itself. Booting from a USB is an elementary procedure that can be done in minutes.


Step 1

Insert the bootable USB drive into the computer.

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Step 2

Restart your Precision Workstation. After it shuts down and begins the restart, press "F2" to enter BIOS.

Step 3

Highlight the "Boot" menu and press "Enter."


Step 4

Highlight the "First Boot Device" entry, press "Enter," select "USB" and press "Enter" again.


Step 5

Press "Esc" and "Y" to save changes and exit.

Step 6

Press any key as the computer restarts to boot from the USB.

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