How to Configure a USB Joystick

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Configure a USB Joystick

Most USB joysticks that are used for playing computer games are "Plug-N-Play." This means that the computer automatically recognizes them the moment they are plugged in, and they are immediately ready to be used. No additional setup or downloads are required under these circumstances. If your USB Joystick does not feature "Plug-N-Play" technology, however, it is going to need to be configured.


Step 1

Plug the USB end of the joystick's cord into a free USB port on your computer.

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Step 2

Click the "START" menu. Next, select the option that reads "CONTROL PANEL."

Step 3

Select the option that reads "GAME CONTROLLERS" from the Control Panel.


Step 4

Click on your USB joystick from the list of compatible devices that appears. Click the "OK" button to select its options.


Step 5

Make any changes necessary from the screen that appears. From here you can calibrate your joystick, specify which buttons perform which commands and change other options. When everything is to your liking and you are finished, click "OK" to save your changes. You can now use your USB joystick to play your favorite computer games.



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