How to Burn Videos to CD-R Disks

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Burn videos into your CD-R in a few simple steps.

A CD-R is an external storage device that is used to save file for backup or reproduction purposes. Unlike a CD-RW, anything that is burned or written onto a CD-R cannot be modified or tampered. “Burning” is the process of writing files to a storage media. Burning videos to a CD-R should be easy if you know the proper steps to follow.


Step 1

Prepare the video files that you want to burn onto a CD-R. If they are stored into a separate storage device, transfer them to your computer first. Note that you cannot delete data burned into a CD-R. Make sure that you have the right files before proceeding to the burning process.

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Step 2

Navigate to the location of the video files that you want to burn to the CD-R. For example, if they are in your “My Documents” folder, click “Start,” and then “My Documents.”


Step 3

Right click on the file that you want to copy, and then click “Send To.” Select “CD/DVD-RAM” and wait for the computer to move the file to the location that you chose. Do the same to the other files that you want to copy. When the files are copied, a balloon pop-up saying “You have files waiting to be written to the CD” will appear on your System Tray (located at the lowermost right side of the window).



Step 4

Click on the balloon to open your CD/DVD folder. Alternatively, you can click “Start,” “My Computer,” and then “CD-DVD-ROM.”

Step 5

Navigate to the upper left portion of the CD/DVD window and click “Write these files to CD.” Follow the instructions of the “CD Writing Wizard” to complete the burning process.



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