How to Change From Upper Case to Lower Case Text and Vice Versa in Microsoft Word

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In social interactions, typing in all uppercase letters can be considered rude.
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In Microsoft Word 2013, if you forget to turn off Caps Lock while typing or need to change a document to lowercase that was previously typed in uppercase, you can save a lot of retyping and quickly change text from uppercase to lowercase when you use the "Shift+F3" keyboard shortcut or the Change Case button on the Home tab ribbon in the Font group.


Changing Uppercase Text to Lowercase

After selecting the text to be changed, hold down "Shift" and press the "F3" key. If you prefer to use the ribbon, select the relevant text, click on the "Change Case" button in the Font group in the Home tab and select "lowercase." All selected text will now be in lowercase lettering.


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More Changing Case Options

You can also use the Change Case button for changing selected text to sentence case or uppercase as well as to capitalize each word or display toggle-case formatting. Choosing "Sentence case" in the Change Case button drop-down list will capitalize each word that begins a sentence and selecting "tOGGLE cASE" will toggle each letter in the selected text. For example, selecting the text "Change Case" and choosing "tOGGLE cASE" will change the words "Change Case" to "cHANGE cASE." The "Capitalize Each Word" choice will do just that, the "UPPERCASE" choice will change all text to uppercase, and the "lowercase" selection will as noted change all selected text to the lowercase format.