How to Change the Drive Belts on a Cassette Player

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Replacing the cassette deck belt isn't as intimidating as it looks.

Replacing the drive belt in a cassette deck is moderately easy, but requires a delicate touch to avoid damaging the electronic components inside. Order a replacement belt for your tape deck using the model number on the bottom or back of the component, then follow this tutorial to change out the old drive belt.


Step 1

Unplug the cassette deck and unscrew the component cover by removing the screws on the bottom, back and sometimes the side of the tape deck.

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Step 2

Locate the drive belt and make a note of any wires or electronic components obstructing your access to the belt, the motor and to the system of pulleys and gears that drive the cassette.


Step 3

Remove any components around the belt path using a screwdriver. Take care to note the orientation of each part so it can be replaced when you are finished.

Step 4

Unplug or disconnect the wire that leads to the motor, if necessary, to gain access to the drive belt.


Step 5

Remove the old belt. The easiest way to do this is to use wire clippers or scissors, and simply cut the belt, then strip it off the motor and pulleys.


Step 6

Use tweezers to thread the replacement belt around the drive pulley of the motor and over the pulleys that power the capstan and turn the cassette gears. Turn the pulleys gently to make sure the belt is turning smoothly.


Step 7

Reconnect all wires and any electronic components that were removed to replace the belt. Replace the component cover and plug in the tape deck.

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