How to Reset a CD/DVD Drive

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A CD/DVD drive can be reset if it is not working properly.

Your CD/DVD drive is a key part of your computer. It lets you play music, watch videos and movies, as well as install software. If your DVD drive is equipped with a burner, it allows you to copy and backup important data in case the hard drive has a problem. Occasionally, these drives may suffer problems. Sometimes, just resetting the CD/DVD drive can fix them.


Step 1

Restart your computer. After it starts to back up, push the eject button on the DVD player if it was not working properly. If this does not reset the DVD drive and get it working properly again, proceed to the next step.

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Step 2

Find a small opening below the eject button on the outside of the drive. Straighten a paper clip and push it into the opening until the sound of the DVD spinning is audible. Hold the paper clip in the opening until the tray pops out.


Step 3

Clean the laser lens on the DVD drive with the appropriate cleaner and a lint-free cloth.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper clip

  • Laser lens cleaner

  • Lint-free cloth


If your computer experiences continued problems, resetting the disk drive may not solve the issues. You may need to do some investigating and pinpoint the cause of the problem.