How to Change the Size of Multiple Shapes in Illustrator

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Scale many objects all at once.

One of the great advantages of working in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator is that you can scale the shapes as much as you want without losing quality to the artwork. Adobe Illustrator has multiple ways to resize objects and shapes allowing you to quickly scale portions of the artwork to create interesting designs or scale the entire artwork to fit a specific type of media. Because Illustrator facilitates the selection of multiple objects, you can quickly scale multiple shapes all at the same time.


Step 1

Select the "Selection" tool, the black arrow.

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Step 2

Draw a box around the objects that you want to move. Alternatively, hold down the "Shift" key and select the objects. The selected objects will be highlighted with the layer color.


Step 3

Position the cursor over a bounding box handle until the cursor changes to a double-arrow. Drag the box to the desired size. Hold down the "Shift" key to keep the proportions the same as you scale.

Step 4

Select the "Scale" tool. Click and drag in the direction that you want the objects to scale. Hold down the "Shift" key to keep the proportions the same as you scale.



Step 5

Double-click the "Scale" tool. Enter the percentage value in the "Scale" box.

Step 6

Enter a width and Height in the "W" and "H" boxes in the control box. This will change all of the objects to the same size.


Step 7

Click on the "Object" menu and hover over "Transform." Select "Transform Each." Enter the percentage value in the "Scale" box. Then, click "OK." The objects will scale separately based on the reference point selection.

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