How to Change the Text in CorelDRAW

By Greyson Ferguson

CorelDRAW is an illustration program similar to Adobe Illustrator. If you are using CorelDRAW, you can insert and edit text into your design. Because you can insert text into your created image you can also change the text, make it larger, adjust the font style, or even adjust the color. With CorelDRAW there are a few different program tools you can use to change the look of your text.

Things You'll Need

  • CorelDRAW

Step 1

Select the pointer from the left side of the screen. This pointer allows you to select items in your CorelDRAW design.

Step 2

Click on the text you want to adjust. This selects the box the text is currently located in. If you want to move the text, you can drag the box to a different location on the page.

Step 3

Click on the text editing tool next to the pointer tool. The text editing tool icon looks like a cursor you follow while typing on a word processor program.

Step 4

Move your text editing tool back over to the copy and click in between the text. This places a cursor into the text. You can now type in more text if you want.

Step 5

Click-and-drag over the text. By doing this, you can select a different font, font size or color from the text toolbar at the top of the CorelDraw design screen.

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