How to Charge a Toshiba Laptop Battery

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Your Toshiba laptop computer battery does not have an infinite charge capacity. Occasionally the battery's lithium-ion cells will deplete. You must then charge them if you'd like to continue to operate your laptop on battery power. All of the equipment you need to charge the battery was provided in the box with your laptop--all you have to do is supply the electricity needed to get the job done.


Step 1

Plug your Toshiba laptop computer battery charger into a wall outlet in your home or office. You can also use an extension cord, a surge protector or a universal battery backup unit.

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Step 2

Connect your Toshiba laptop computer battery charger into the power adapter input on your laptop computer.


Step 3

Plug your laptop battery into the battery compartment on the bottom of your Toshiba laptop computer. When properly inserted, the battery will snap into the compartment.


Step 4

Wait for the "Battery Charged" indicator light on the front of your Toshiba laptop computer to illuminate a solid "Green" color. When this light illuminates, your battery is fully charged. This can take anywhere from one to three hours depending on the capacity of your battery. You can still use your laptop during this time.




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