How to Enable Battery Charging on a Dell

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Your Dell laptop computer came with a long cord that connects your computer to a wall outlet. This is the cord that you will use to enable battery charging on your laptop. The removable battery that also came with your laptop does not have an infinite amount of charge, which means that occasionally it will need to be replenished. The time it takes to recharge a battery will depend on the capacity of your unit.


Step 1

Insert your Dell laptop battery into the battery compartment on the bottom of your computer's case. The battery will snap into place.

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Step 2

Plug your Dell laptop battery charger into a wall outlet.


Step 3

Insert the opposite end of your Dell laptop battery charger into the charger input on the side of the computer.

Step 4

Turn on your Dell computer and allow it to boot into the Windows operating system.


Step 5

Tap both the Fn key and the key on your keyboard that you need to tap to enable battery charging on your model of Dell laptop computer. For example, on a Dell Inspiron 1525 you need to press the Fn and F2 keys to enable battery charging, whereas on a Mini 9 you need to press the Fn and 3 keys. This will change depending on what model of Dell you own, so look for the key that has an image of a laptop battery. This is the key you need to press. Battery charging is now enabled.





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