How to Boot Alienware on a Laptop in Safe Mode

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Most Alienware laptops include a version of Windows as the primary operating system. If you have an Alienware laptop with Windows installed on it and you need to boot into Safe Mode, there is an easy way to do so. You don't need to be a computer expert to do this; you just have to press a few keys to get into Safe Mode on your Alienware laptop.


Step 1

Restart your Alienware laptop and press the "F8" key as it boots up. You will see a screen appear that has a variety of boot options on it. This is the Windows boot menu.

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Step 2

Choose which Safe Mode option you wish to boot into from the Windows boot menu. "Safe Mode" will boot the Alienware laptop into Safe Mode without any frills or extras. "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" will give you a command prompt to use, and "Safe Mode with Networking" will let you use local network and internet resources in Safe Mode. Make your selection with the arrow keys and use the "Enter" key to boot your selection.


Step 3

Log in to your computer and click the "No" button on the dialog box that appears to continue booting into Safe Mode.




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