How to Get to the Boot Menu of a Dell Computer

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The Windows Advanced Options screen is a boot menu on Windows computers . It is an important function that allows you to log into your operating system in many different ways, depending on whether you are performing troubleshooting steps or general computer functions. It contains boot options such as Safe Mode and Enable VGA mode. Dell computers use Windows operating systems and therefore have the luxury of accessing this boot menu anytime.


Step 1

Shut down all currently running programs and click the Windows "Start" button. Click "Shutdown" and select "Restart."

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Step 2

Press "F8" repeatedly before the Windows logo appears to open the Windows Advanced Options menu. This boot menu allows you to select the boot option you want depending on the task you want to accomplish. It contains option such as Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Command Prompt. For example, Safe Mode is a boot option best for troubleshooting problems and removing viruses because it only allows a limited number of applications to run.



Step 3

Press the up and down arrow buttons to select the boot option you want, then click "Enter." Windows will boot using the selection you chose.

Step 4

Type in your administrator password to log into Windows



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