How to Check if Flash Player Is Working

By Erin McManaway

Adobe Flash is a multimedia player that lets you view and interact with Flash files online. Websites sometimes use Flash to integrate images, music and videos into a site layout to create a more immersive viewing experience. If you do not have the Flash player installed on your Internet browser, you will not be able to view the videos or content. Adobe provides a test website that allows you to check to see if Flash Player is installed and working correctly on your computer.

Step 1

Open the Internet browser and navigate to the Adobe Flash Player webpage (

Step 2

Allow the site to load. If you see a short Flash animation that reads "Adobe Flash Player Successfully Installed," your Flash player is working. If you do not see this animation, you may need to troubleshoot or install/reinstall Flash on your computer.

Step 3

Compare the version of Flash listed in the "Version Information" text box to the most current version for your browser and update if required.

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