How to Check if Phone Charger Is Working

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To be reliable, a cell phone must be charged.

It is important to be able to check if your cell phone charger is working, because you want to know you can rely upon your cellular communications at all times. Knowing how to charge the phone is an important first step in maintaining the reliability and optimum performance of your mobile phone.


Step 1

Plug the charger into the phone in a manner prescribed by the manufacturer. Plug the charger into the socket or automobile outlet (in the case of a 12-volt charger). The screen on most cell phones will light up as soon as the charger is recognized. This is a result of the phone changing from "standby mode" to an "operational mode" for charging.


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Step 2

Observe the screen to recognize the block or indicator which notifies the user that the phone is in the process of charging. This is usually a small rectangular block located on the screen of the phone with lines appearing across it and then disappearing. The pattern is repeated until the phone is charged and the lines remain stationary and visible. Additional capacity is gained by leaving the charger attached and connected for some time after the pattern stops and the lines in the block become stationary. In many models, the lines on the block remain visible during periods of use to demonstrate how much useful battery power is available. As the lines begin to disappear during use, the user can be aware of the level of battery power remaining and when it is time to recharge the battery.


Step 3

Unplug the charger from the electrical socket and then from the phone. Store the charger in a safe but accessible location.




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