How to Clean a Kindle Screen

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Kindle screen are like new after a cleaning.
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A dirty Kindle is not a happy Kindle. Whether you're swiping through a book's pages on a Kindle Touch, tapping your way through the latest best seller on a Kindle Paperwhite, or navigating the web on your Kindle Fire, you are bound to create smudges and scratches on your device. Make sure you know the right way to clean your Kindle screen before you do something that will irreparably damage it.


Keep It Dry, Keep It Clean

Clean your Kindle screen with a clean, soft, non-abrasive cloth such as a chamois or a soft cotton T-shirt. The Kindle Fire User's Guide specifically says not to get the screen wet or use any liquids on it, as it could damage the screen or cause electric shock. Harsh cleaners might also remove any smudge protective coatings that come with the Kindle device.


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Use A Screen

A specially fitted screen protector is a good way to safeguard your Kindle from dirt, smudges and scratches that get in the way of your viewing and reading experience.




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