How to Clean a Lenovo Keyboard

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Clean your Lenovo keyboard regularly to keep grime from building up.

Dust, dirt and grime cause the keys on your Lenovo keyboard to be sticky, and the buildup can seep underneath the keys and cause the keyboard to fail. If liquids have been spilled on the keys, the grime is compounded and can eventually destroy the keyboard. Like other parts of your Lenovo computer system, you should clean the keyboard regularly. To clean your keyboard, you don't have to buy a expensive cleaning kit or take it to a repair shop.


Step 1

Turn off your computer.

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Step 2

Place a trash bag under your computer's keyboard. Unplug the keyboard, if your Lenovo computer is a desktop model.

Step 3

Turn the keyboard upside down. Gently tap the keyboard to remove any loose dust, dirt and crumbs from the keyboard.

Step 4

Turn the keyboard right-side up. Use a small computer vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to suck or blow out any caked-on dirt and grime from the keyboard.

Step 5

Apply 1 tbsp. of isopropyl alcohol onto a soft cloth or rag.



Step 6

Wipe the keys on the keyboard with the alcohol-soaked cloth or rag. Do not pour the alcohol directly onto the keys.

For stubborn buildup, dip a cotton swab into the alcohol and scrub the stain with light pressure.


Step 7

Re-apply alcohol to the cloth and continue cleaning the keyboard until the grime is gone.

Step 8

Let the keyboard air dry or dust it dry with a clean cloth or rag before turning on and using the computer.

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