How to Fix a Keyboard Error

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A computer keyboard is a vital component of the computer system. Without a properly working keyboard, your computer is essentially rendered ineffective. If the keyboard is frozen or not responsive, it is experiencing an error known as a "lock out" error. There are various reasons for this error, so you must undergo a process of elimination to figure out the root cause.


Step 1

Make sure that your keyboard is properly connected to the computer system. Ensure the keyboard's plug is plugged into a USB port. A keyboard error will occur if the keyboard is not attached to the computer or if it is loosely plugged into a USB port. If this is the case, the keyboard will not be recognized and rendered useless.


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Step 2

Press the "F8" button repeatedly as the computer boots up. This will take you to a menu in which "Reboot" is one of the options. Select the "Reboot" option. Rebooting your computer should clear up errors in the computer system that might cause your keyboard to lock out.


Step 3

Click the desktop's "Start" button. Right-click the "My Computer" icon and click "Properties." Click the "Hardware" tab and click the "Device Manager" button. Scroll through the "Device Manager" list and right-click on "Keyboards." Click "Properties," then click the "Driver" button. If the keyboard is classified "Disabled," click the "Enable" button to activate it. If this does not help, click "Roll Back Driver" to revert your keyboard driver to its last working state. Rolling back the driver should rectify keyboard errors.


Step 4

Restart your computer system to finalize the process.



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