How to clean harmful files and adult content from your PC

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I am online all the time, and there are times when I accidentally come across an adult website or another site that installs harmful material onto my computer. It is annoying, it hurts your computer, and it sends out information about you to sites that you do not want to attract. Here is how you can get rid of adult content and harmful files on your PC.

Step 1

First of all, we want to use the tools features in the web browser you use to clear out bad sites that have been visited and images that they have left on your computer. If you have seen the image, it is on your hard drive.

Step 2

READ IF YOU USE INTERNET EXPLORER: Steps 2-5 are for Internet Explore users. Click on the "Tools" menu and click internet options for Internet explorer web browsers. There are three delete options that you can click on to clear out all of the cached items, and we will walk through these.

Step 3

Click on "Delete Files" to get rid of all of the cached images on your computer that are automatically saved to your hard drive when you browse a website.

Step 4

Click on "Clear History" to get rid of the listing of all of the visited web addresses you have viewed on your computer.

Step 5

Additionally, you will want to click on "Clear Cookies" to remove any marking or data files that the site placed on your machine to identify you as a viewer and log your information.

Step 6

READ IF YOU USE FIREFOX: If you are using Firefox, then you will click on "Clear Private Data" and select the check boxes of the items you want to delete. If the items you want to remove are not listed, then you can really get into the details by clicking on "Tools", then "options", then the "Privacy" item to find what you want to clear. You should also clear your cookies.

Step 7

READ IF YOU USE NETSCAPE: If you use Netscape, click on the "edit" menu and then click on the "preferences" item. You will want to select the arrow next to "Navigator" to select the subtopics under this selection. You are going to want to click on the "History" button and clear out the history. Next click on the "Clear Location bar" button as well. To clear out the cached images, select the "advanced" tab and click on the "Cache" item. Click both "Clear Memory Cache" and Clear Disk Cache" to get rid of images you do not want. I also recommend clearing your cookies.

Step 8

Now we want to clear our search engine histories as well. To do this, you need to clear the forms on your internet browser. It is also a good idea to tunr off the AutoComplete as well so that your computer will not guess the items you want to search and return a nasty result or page that has bad files and images. You can take care of both of these in your Tools Menu for your web browser. Sometimes you have to actually clear your index.dat file. To find this file, do a search in the start menu icon and type in the file name as "index.dat"

Step 9

Even after you follow all of these steps, there may still be some harmful files and images on your computer that you can not erase. If you want to get rid of everything, I recommend the use of these programs that will take care of everything listed and then some. They costs some money, but they are great programs:


Clear all internet cookies Clear all internet browsing history Clear all temporary files and cache Also clear your Search engine history