How to Clean Mirrors on a Mitsubishi DLP TV

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Cleaning the mirrors on your projection TV helps keep the picture sharp and clear.

The Mitsubishi DLP TV is a projection television. DLP TVs use mirrors to magnify the projection lenses, allowing the projected image to take a longer path to the screen so that a larger image can be presented. The mirrors also redirect the path of the projected image so that it will appear correctly to the viewer. Over time, dust and grime can build up and cause a decrease in picture quality. When you notice this happening, it means it's time to clean your Mitsubishi DLP's mirrors. This can be done with just a few basic household products.


Step 1

Unplug the television. Never attempt to clean any electronic equipment when it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

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Step 2

Access the mirrors in the projection TV by unscrewing their cover at the back of the television, near the power plug. You should be able to see the mirrors and the projection lens when you remove the cover.


Step 3

Spray the cleaning solution onto a clean, dry rag until it is damp but not wet.

Step 4

Gently wipe the mirrors in a circular motion, taking care not to put pressure on them.


Step 5

Allow the mirrors to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping them gently with a dry, lint-free cloth to pick up any dust or lint that may remain.


Step 6

Replace the cover on the television that you removed in Step 2.

Step 7

Power the television up again to check that your cleaning restored the television's picture to its original clarity.

Things You'll Need

  • Lens cleaner or other ammonia-free glass cleanser

  • 2 lint-free cloths


Avoid using any ammonia-based cleanser on the mirrors on your television. Ammonia can discolor plastic or cause it to cloud. It can also do damage to your television screen.