How to Remove a Scratch From a Flat Screen TV

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A professional TV scratch repair service can help you reduce the appearance of scratches, but you may also be able to find repair kits or use household products to repair the scratch.
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You paid big money for your flat-screen TV, planning to get at least a decade of use out of it. No matter how careful you are, though, scratches sometimes happen, especially if you have young children or you move it. A professional TV scratch repair service can help you reduce the appearance of scratches, but you may also be able to find repair kits or use household products to repair the scratch.


TV Screen Scratch Repair

The first thing to understand about scratches to flat-screen TVs is that they usually can't be repaired. Until you replace the screen, usually by buying a new TV altogether, you'll be stuck with the scratch. But there are things you can do to reduce the visibility of the scratch, possibly even making it so you can't see it at all.

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The first thing to do is look for a TV scratch remover kit for your TV type. This will have everything you need to fix the scratch. However, household items like petroleum jelly and toothpaste can repair scratches on certain types of screens. If you want to boost your chances of getting your screen close to flawless, a scratch repair specialist is likely the best way to go, but that can be expensive.


LED Screen Scratch Repair

If you have a light emitting diode TV, you probably can find a TV scratch remover kit for your screen type. These kits typically include a soft cloth and polishing cream that will work together to diminish the appearance of scratches on your screen. Read reviews and comparison shop to make sure you choose a solution that will be safe for your TV.

But you don't have to buy a kit or call a TV scratch repair service to get the scratches out of your LED TV. You can accomplish a similar effect using a mixture of 20 parts distilled water and one part rubbing alcohol. A new, unused, white pencil eraser can wear down a little of the coating to minimize the appearance of scratches.


LCD Screen Scratch Repair

Liquid-crystal displays became popular in the 1990s and remained a top seller in the first decade of the century. If you still have an LCD TV, you may find a TV scratch remover kit is harder to find for your model, but there are some homemade remedies that can help. These remedies will cover up the scratches adequately.

Petroleum jelly is one of the best TV screen scratch repair techniques for LCD screens. First, wipe the screen with water, using a soft cloth. Wait until the screen dries, then fill in the scratched area with a small amount of petroleum jelly. Wipe off any excess using a soft cloth and reapply if you start to notice the scratch becomes visible again.


Plasma Screen Scratch Repair

As much as LED technology has taken off, plasma screens still have their benefits. As with LCD screens, petroleum jelly will be your go-to resource for TV screen scratch repair. But you can also use Colgate toothpaste. Apply to a cotton swab and wipe across the scratched area for several minutes. This will work best with mild scratches.

For most scratches, you'll be better off contacting a professional TV scratch repair service, no matter what type of TV you have. These professionals are trained to protect your screen against further damage while reducing the appearance of scratches so that you can go back to enjoying watching your favorite shows.