This Is the Price to Repair a Cracked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen

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Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is finally available in stores and online, and they're selling out quickly. There have already been lots of reports of the screen cracking. Apparently the cracks can be due to cold weather, while scratches being reported are because the ultra thin glass isn't very durable.


People are reporting the glass scratches as easy as plastic.

Reviewer JerryRigEverything on YouTube posted a video demonstrating how easily the screen scratches:

If you have a Galaxy Z Flip, or if you plan on buying one, you should know the cost of fixing the screen—just in case. According to Samsung, owners of the phone will be able to replace the screen and get a screen protector for only $119.


Considering the price of the phone is $1,380, the cost to fix it isn't so bad. It'd be even better if the screen would just be durable.