How to Clear the Cache in Eclipse

Eclipse open-source website coding software typically caches specific pages to memory. This may cause problems when you update your work, because Eclipse displays an older version of the page rather than the latest version. You can easily delete old cached files stored on the system by directly editing Eclipse's preferences.

How to Clear the Cache in Eclipse
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Step 1

Open Eclipse and launch the Preferences window.

Step 2

Scroll down the left-hand panel in the Preferences window and click the Remote Systems drop-down root menu. Select File Cache.

Step 3

Click the Clear Cached Files button in the File Cache window. Note that this automatically closes any open remote files on your computer.

Step 4

Press Apply and OK to save your changes and exit the Preferences window.


Limit the amount of stored cache files in Eclipse by clicking the Limit Cache Size box in the File Cache portion of the Preferences window. Set the maximum cache size in units of Megabytes (MB) by entering the desired value in the Maximum Cache Size box. Press Apply and OK to save your changes.

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