How to Take My Harmony Remote Out of Safe Mode

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How to Take My Harmony Remote Out of Safe Mode
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The Logitech Harmony remote series is a line of programmable remote controls. Users can set the remotes to control up to 16 different devices. They are more advanced than most universal remotes and the higher end models have an LCD screen. Sometimes the remotes may get stuck in Safe Mode. In order to fix the problem, you will need to reset the remote by removing the batteries or upgrading the firmware through a PC.


Step 1

Flip the Harmony remote over, open the battery door, and remove the batteries or battery pack.

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Step 2

Wait 10 seconds.

Step 3

Put the batteries back in. If it still shows "Safe Mode!" when it powers on, you need to upgrade the firmware.


Step 4

Connect the Harmony remote to a computer using the data cable that came with the remote.

Step 5

Open the Logitech Harmony Remote Software under "All Programs" under the Windows Start Menu.



Step 6

Log into your Harmony account, then click the "Downloads" button and click "Firmware." Follow the instructions, which may differ slightly depending on your Harmony remote model.

Step 7

Click the "Update Remote" button in the software interface.



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