How to Clone a SIM Card

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A basic SIM card reader is absolutely necessary if you plan to clone your SIM card.
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Your phone's SIM card acts as a unique identifier for your device, allowing you to send and receive phone calls, texts and more. SIM cloning is certainly not considered a "recommended practice" for cell phone users, but it may be useful if you inadvertently lose or destroy your SIM and require a backup. You can clone your SIM card using a SIM card reader and your original card.


Basics of SIM Cards

The Subscriber Identity Module — or SIM — card is primarily designed to safely and securely store your phone's number. For example, if you were to put your SIM card in a different phone, the new device would be able to receive calls made to your number.

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SIM cards are connected to what is commonly referred to as the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) network. The IMSI network acts as a hub for a variety of global cellular networks, including the popular Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and the Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. With that in mind, your SIM is essentially the gateway to global cell phone communication.


Every SIM card in existence is identified by a unique 64-bit SIM ID. This number is created only once for each individual cellphone user and is shared with the IMSI network as soon as it is placed inside of a phone and activated. The phone itself will transmit your SIM card's identifying information to the IMSI network.

Using a SIM Card Copier

If you are ready to begin copying your SIM card, your first step should be to retrieve it from your current device. Although the specific means to remove your SIM card will differ from device to device, make sure you are careful not to damage any of the other internal components in your hardware.


Every SIM card in use today will feature its IMSI number printed on the card itself. This number could be anywhere from 11 to 16 digits in length. Without the IMSI number readily available, it will be virtually impossible to clone your SIM card.


Once the IMSI is obtained, you will need to use a SIM card reader to complete the next steps. These hardware devices can be purchased through just about any major online electronics retailer. After you receive your SIM card reader, place your original SIM card inside of it. You can then connect the SIM card reader to your computer in order to receive the next valuable piece of information, the authentication key.


Once your SIM card reader has copied this information to your computer, you can insert a new SIM into the reader to begin the duplication process.

Other Important Considerations

While it is relatively easy to copy your SIM card for personal reasons, it is essential to remember that it would also be this easy for someone else to make a copy as well. With that in mind, it is imperative that you always keep your phone with you at all times.


If an unauthorized individual does clone your SIM card, the chances are very good that your privacy will be significantly compromised. With that in mind, you may consider obtaining a replacement SIM card in the event that you are not in control of your phone for an extended period of time.



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