How to Clone a Phone Without a SIM Card

By Qyou Stoval

There are many reasons why you may be interested in cloning your cell phone. One reason can be a matter of convenience. You can clone your phone so you will have the exact same contact information and data in both phones. This will create a backup in the event your current phone is lost or stolen. You can also have the cloned phone as your leisure phone and the original as your work phone. whichever the reason, following a few directions will allow you to clone your phone in a short amount of time.

Step 1

Locate the security menu of your cell phone. The security menu within your cell phone may be a challenge to find. Visit online sites that will allow you to search for directions to access your security menu by knowing the model number of your phone (see Resources). Locate the model number for your phone by looking at your original packaging or by taking the battery out of your phone and looking at the back of the phone near the SIM card.

Step 2

Locate your phone’s electronic serial number (ESN). Every cell phone has this identifier, and the ESN information is automatically sent to any cellular towers when the phone is used. Every time you make a phone call, the electronic serial number is validated. The ESN is usually your serial number. Locate the serial number behind the battery of your phone.

Step 3

Obtain your second phone and locate the security menu and electronic serial number. You would need to have the electronic serial number and access to the security menu because you will be duplicating the information from your current phone.

Step 4

Locate the code to change your phone number. Each phone has a special code that can be used to change the phone number. You can access online sites that will provide you with the code to change her phone number (see Resources).

Step 5

Change the phone number in your secondary phone to match the phone number of your primary phone. Power on the phone and make a test call.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have your primary phone and cloned phone and receive a phone call, both phones may ring.
  • Cloning a phone to spy on another person or for invading someone’s privacy is illegal.