How to Clone a Phone Without a SIM Card

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Although "cloning" a cellphone may sound like a technique taken out of a sci-fi playbook, the reality behind this valuable process is far more pragmatic. For an individual who may have important content or data on his phone, choosing to clone the device could help ensure that a critical backup is available at all times. Although it's commonly believed that a phone's SIM card is required for any cloning to occur, you can make a clone of your phone without it. In fact, learning how to clone a phone without a SIM card is a relatively straightforward process that can be undertaken with little prior experience or training.


How to Clone a Phone

In order to clone your phone, you'll first need to locate the security settings within your device. In some situations, this menu may be buried deep within your phone's infrastructure, possibly requiring further research on your part to locate it. In addition to locating the security menu, you'll also need to find your phone's electronic serial number. This number can typically be located behind the battery of your phone, although slight variations on its placement may occur, depending upon the specific model of phone you're using.


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Cloning Your Phone

Once you've located the security menu on your phone and its electronic serial number, you're ready to proceed with the cloning process. With your second phone (assuming that you're using the same make and model as your first phone), open the security menu you found earlier. You'll need to input the electronic serial number of your old phone into the new phone in order to ensure that this process works correctly.

Once this is done, change the phone number on your new phone to match the phone number of your old phone. This can be accomplished by obtaining the phone number change code that is linked to various makes and models of cellular devices. You can find this number using a "hack" that can be found through internet research. After you've input the electronic serial number and changed the number, your phone cloning should be completed.


You can test the results of your cloning effort by calling the number of your original phone on a third unit. When this call is made, both your original phone and your cloned phone should ring simultaneously. Any calls received by your original phone will also be diverted to your new phone from this point forward.