How to Connect One Phone to Another Using Wi-Fi

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You can connect two phones using Wi-Fi-Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth is an open Wi-Fi-based (wireless) technology that lets your cellular phone devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. You can utilize Wi-Fi for many things, but one of the features is allowing you to connect one cellular phone to another. This allows you to transfer important data from one phone to another effortlessly.


Step 1

Turn on your Bluetooth and navigate to the phone's "Main Menu." Then, click on "Settings," "Connections" and, finally, the "Bluetooth" option. Select "On" for activation of your Bluetooth. Do this for both mobile phones.

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Step 2

Navigate to the "Bluetooth Settings" on the first phone, then select "Personal Network" and click on "Add." This allows the first phone to search for another phone with an active Bluetooth connection in a 30-foot radius. Browse the available list on the first phone for the model of the second phone.


Step 3

Click on "Yes" in the second phone, in response to the message from the first phone requesting that the second phone be added to its network. To complete the procedure, you need a PIN code.


Step 4

Input the PIN code of the cell phone. The default PIN code for most phones is either "8888" or "0000," if the code was not changed previously by the user. The first phone will get a message confirming that the phone has been added and connected.



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