How to Set Up an Intercom System in Your House With Phones

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Instead of spending money on purchasing and installing a dedicated intercom system, many people purchase a phone system that can also serve as an intercom. Many phone systems that are capable of adding on-base station phones can also set up those phones to function as an intercom. The process for setting up an intercom system using these phones is simple and can take less than a day to complete.


Step 1

Plug the home phone into a power outlet and a wall outlet. Turn the phone on if the phone doesn't automatically activate.

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Step 2

Place each phone in the appropriate rooms. Connect each of the base station phones to a power outlet. You may need to wait up to 24 hours for the phones to complete their initial charge.


Step 3

Register each phone with the main phone. You'll typically need to initiate the connection from the base station phone, then set up the home phone to receive the connection. Refer to your owner's manual for the specific steps you need to follow to do this. When the base phone is connected to the home phone, the home phone will assign it a number based on the order that the phone was connected to. (In other words, if this was your first phone, it will be phone #1; if this is your second phone, it will be phone #2.)



Step 4

Test the intercom connection. Pick up the home phone and press the button that puts the phone in intercom mode. Dial the number of the phone you want to connect to (use the number assigned in Step 3.) To connect to the home phone from a base, press the intercom button on the base phone and dial "0" to contact the home phone.




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