How to Add New Phones to VTech Phones

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VTech offers a convenient feature of adding additional home phones to your cordless phone system. This feature is helpful if you need additional home phones scattered throughout the house. Placing a phone in different living areas of your home means you do not have to depend on one cordless phone battery or location.


Step 1

Purchase VTech cordless phones from any third-party supplier. Ensure you can add handsets to the phone system before you buy it. Many VTech cordless phone systems will allow two and eight handsets.

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Step 2

Install the VTech cordless phones. Plug the main phone base into a phone outlet, and the rest of the phones will automatically connect to the main phone base once they are plugged into a standard wall electrical outlet.


Step 3

Check each handset to make sure the batteries are charging correctly. Make a test call from the handsets to ensure they are connecting to the main base.


Step 4

Check the model number of your VTech phone base. Purchase additional phones as needed. The next set of handsets you purchase should be the same model number and phone type to ensure compatibility with your current VTech system.



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