How to Sync a Phone to a Phone

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Easily sync two phones with Bluetooth.

Connecting two phones together is a common way to share pictures, contacts, calendars and music. Bluetooth is a wireless technology created to exchange information over a small area. It transmits data over radio transmissions by creating a personal area network. Bluetooth is included in many fixed and mobile devices such as cellular phones, printers and MP3 players. Learning to use Bluetooth allows you to quickly synchronize two phones and keep each device's information current with the other.


Step 1

Open the Bluetooth settings for each phone. This is located within your phones' main settings.

Step 2

Activate the Bluetooth function on both phones by selecting "Turn On" or just "On." Consult with your phones' user manuals to determine the correct method.

Step 3

Turn one phone into "Discovery Mode" and "Search for Device" with the other phone. The phone that is searching will return a list of available devices in range.


Step 4

Choose the name of the phone you wish to sync with. If requested, enter a four-digit pairing code. The phone in Discovery Mode also will require code and ask permission to sync with the other phone.

Step 5

Approve permission to the phone in Discovery Mode and enter the four-digit pairing code. Your phones are now synced.