How to Connect a Comcast Arris Modem to a Router

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A router allows you to connect multiple computers either to a wired or wireless network.

Upon successful connection of your Comcast Arris modem to a router you will be able to allow other computers in your home to connect wirelessly to the Internet or allow multiple ethernet connections to your wired network. Each router has different functionality, but the process of connecting a router to your Comcast cable modem is the same for all models. You may have to create a new network in your operating system when adding a router to your Comcast modem.


Step 1

Uplug the ethernet cord (connected to your Arris modem) from the back of your computer and unplug the modem from the wall outlet.

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Step 2

Plug the end of the ethernet cord that was initially connected to the computer into the ethernet port of the router labeled 'Internet.' You should now have one ethernet cord running from the back of the Arris modem to the back of your router.


Step 3

Take a second ethernet cord and plug one end of the cord into an available port on your router and plug the other end into the back of your computer's ethernet port.

Step 4

Power on both the router and the Arris modem by plugging them into your wall outlet.



Step 5

Click the 'Start' menu in Windows, locate your Control Panel, select 'Network and Sharing' and select 'Set up a new home network.'

Step 6

Select your router by double clicking it when the network connection wizard finds it.

Step 7

Create a password for your network to prevent unauthorized use of your account. Create a new name for your home network when prompted.

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